Thank you for visiting our website let us give you a brief background of our District. The Gert Sibande Offices are located on the N17 corridor in Ermelo which previously were located in Secunda. The District is bounded by Ekurhuleni Metro of the Gauteng Province to the west, Sedibeng DM of the Northern Free State DM to the south west, Ehlanzeni DM to the north east of Mpumalanga Province, Nkangala DM to the north of Mpumalanga Province, Amajuba DM to the south east of KZN and Swaziland to the east.

The Gert Sibande is an economic hub for mining, agriculture and tourism. It is also a home for huge industries such as Sasol, Eskom, Mondi and other gold and coal mines. The centrality of the offices ensures easy access to the District by stakeholders, rural communities and will ensure cost effectiveness.

This building consists of 182 offices with the state of art reference library open to the communities. This building is designed to be interactive as it has an Expo Centre that can be used for events like, wedding expo, farmer’s expo, can even host conferences.

The construction of these offices began with planning in May 2008. This huge project took only 17 months and was completed in February 2011. This project has opened numerous job opportunities to local labour and business.


According to the 2007 estimates Gert Sibande is home to 981 561 people and accounts for 26.7% of the Mpumalanga population. The Gert Sibande District is a sparsely populated area of about 31 people per square km in comparison with Johannesburg, the rest of Mpumalanga, Gauteng and South Africa. The district has shown a slightly larger population growth than provincial and national averages – 1.7% per annum on average from 1996 to about 2007 compared to 1.6% in the province and 1.3% nationally. In the same period, Mkhondo grew at an annual average rate of 3.2% making it the fastest growing municipal population followed by Pixley ka Seme (2.3%), Msukaligwa (2.3%), Lekwa (2.1%) and Govan Mbeki (1.7%) while the Dipaleseng (0.2%) and Albert Luthuli (0.3%) rates were the only municipalities below the provincial average.

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Gert Sibande

What is the origin of the District Municipality’s name – Gert Sibande?

The Council was renamed in February 2003 from Eastvaal District Council to “Gert Sibande” in honour of Richard Gert Sibande, who was known in the ANC as “The Lion of the East” for his political and trade union work in the Eastern Transvaal.

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Constitutional Mandate

In Section 40 of the Constitution it is stated that the government of the Republic of South Africa is constituted as national, provincial and local spheres of government which are distinctive, interdependent and interrelated. These spheres of government must observe and adhere to the principles of cooperative government. The three spheres of government mentioned must, inter alia, ensure the well-being of the people of the Republic, provide effective, transparent, accountable and coherent government, and not assume any power or function except that conditions performed in a manner that does not encroach on the geographical, functional or institutional integrity of government in another sphere. This can, inter alia, be achieved through mutual cooperation in a spirit of trust and good faith. (Albert Venter,2nd Ed,2001,p.202)

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A Community Driven District Of Excellence And Development.


To Support And Co-ordinate Our Local Municipalities To Provide Excellent Services And Development.

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Gert Sibande Disctrict Municipality

Gert Sibande District Municipality

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