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Wednesday, 07 November 2018

  • During the State of the District Address (SODA) in May 2018, Executive Mayor Muzi Chirwa announced that the District has revisited its vision and mission which would take a deliberate focus on the legislative mandate of the District which is to support and coordinate local municipalities. The new vision adopted was ‘A community driven District of excellence and development’ and the mission being ‘To support and coordinate our local municipalities to provide excellent services and development’. Over the past months the district has engaged on a number of activities aimed at supporting the local municipalities improve in their basic service delivery programmes. These activities include the heavy fleet that the District bought which will mainly assist in the local municipalities. The fleet includes the tipper truck, lowbed, water tanker, roller and front loader. Road infrastructure is one of the highest priorities of the District. Our ongoing re-gravelling and blading partnership with the Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport which started in the past financial year has made a significant difference in the different communities of the District. The Executive Mayor declared war on potholes and announced during the SODA that a budget had been set aside for the procurement of the pothole patching truck to be used by our local municipalities. On 25 October 2018, the District added to the heavy fleet the promised pothole patching truck and invited stakeholders for a live demonstration of the pothole patching which took place in Ermelo on Oosthuise road. This activity was another demonstration of the commitment the District has in achieving excellence in basic service delivery. Executive Mayor Muzi Chirwa, various leaders from the District and local municipalities were excited to receive the pothole patching truck and took part in the pothole repair demonstration.


Wednesday, 17 October 2018


    The communities of Amsterdam will never forget the 18 th July 2018 after the Deputy President of South
    Africa Mr. David Mabuza accompanied by the Mpumalanga Premier Refilwe Mtshweni, MECs, Gert
    Sibande Executive Mayor, Cllr. Muzi Chirwa and Local Executive Mayors spent over nine 9 hours
    celebrating the Mandela Day.

    This year’s celebrations are themed “Be the Legacy” as a clarion call to emulate the selfless service and
    commitment to a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous society that the founding
    father of the nation Nelson Mandela fought for and cherished. Everybody is encouraged to dedicate his
    time, energy and resources to be the instrument of change in the community as Madiba did during his
    struggle years and beyond. This is how the Deputy President and his entire team spent their day in
    Amsterdam in Mkhondo Local Municipality emulating the life of Tata Madiba.

    The day started with a visit to Nganana Secondary School, built during his tenure as the MEC for
    Education. The Deputy President challenged the 2018 Grade 12 class learners and teachers to obtain a
    100% pass mark by the end of the year. The school achieved 95% pass rate in 2017. “Ningasishisi

    lesikole. Niyasibona sihle kanjani? Begged the Deputy President stating that there are many other ways
    to address issues than destroying resources.

    Mr Mabuza, Ms Mtshweni, Cllr Muzi Chirwa and Cllr Vusi Motha led the delegation in handing over
    school uniforms, sport attire and equipment, sanitary towels, the painting of the walls, and the planting of
    seedling at the school. The District further donated ten (10) laptops to the school which are now stored in
    their school computer laboratory.

    The next stop was an elderly interaction whereby hundred (100) blankets donated by Gert Sibande
    district Municipality were handover to the older persons in Amsterdam.
    The Deputy President also handed over seven (7) houses to needy families through his foundation in
    partnership with Standard Bank and business companies. Beneficiaries were the following families:
    Mazibuko stand No. 474, Nkosi and Hadebe Stand No. 1210, Makatini Stand No. 263, Msimango, Dlala
    Stand no. 859, and Mathe Stand No. 1117. Some of the families are child headed while others are now
    belonging to older persons that were without proper living homes. One of the older beneficiaries was
    heard saying ‘Cishe ngafela emkhukhwini’ meaning ‘if it was not for your generosity, I would have lived in
    a shack till my dying day’ directing this to the Deputy President. Mr. Mabuza was able to build houses
    which ranged from two to four bedrooms fully furnitured.

    The day ended with a launch of Satise Silalele App, in which the Premier and all MECs signed a pledge
    to resolve all reported issues. The app is aimed at assisting communities in Mpumalanga to report any
    service delivery issues by downloading it on a smart phone or by dialing *134*674#. Mr Mabuza also
    addressed the gathering and begged them to use the app and not to resort to violence. “I love you”, said
    the Deputy President who added that Mpumalanga will always hold a special place in his heart no matter
    how far he can go. “Mpumalanga will always be my home,” said the Deputy President to the people who
    responded with excitement and ululations.



Monday, 17 September 2018

  • Gert Sibande District Municipality together with Mkhondo Local Municipality spent most of the
    day on Tuesday 28 August 2018 engaging with various community centres, schools and
    businesses of Saul Mkhizeville ahead of the “Taking Council to the People” programme
    which took place in Saul Mkhizeville on Wednesday 29 August 2018.

    1. Led by Gert Sibande District Municipal Executive Mayor, Cllr Muzi Chirwa, the
    Dingukwazi, Sanele, Zenzele and Mabilisa Day Care Centres were visited and all
    received donations of 10 blankets each.
    2. The Qalani, Qedela, Cabangani, and Sakhisizwe Schools received a motivational talk
    from the Executive Mayor as he encouraged learners to learn from the life of Tata
    Mandela, who regardless of his poor family background focussed on education as his
    tool for a better life. The schools received a donation of 100 school uniforms and sanitary
    towels in line with the centenary year of Tata Madiba and Mama Sisulu.
    3. The brigade also paid a visit at Saul Mkhizeville old age centre where the elderly people
    were also donated fifty (50) blankets.
    4. The “Busy Corner Car Wash” small business also received support in the form of Jet
    Spray, hoover machinery and washing materials.

    GSDM was honoured to be joined by Gogo Mkhize, wife to late struggle icon Saul Mkhize, as
    part of the delegation.

    Gert Sibande District Leadership further engaged on a visit to the Amsterdam Bulk Water
    Supply Scheme which is aimed at increasing the potable water supply to communities in
    Amsterdam and KwaThandeka areas. This scheme will entail the provision of the required new
    bulk infrastructure and refurbishment of existing infrastructure and will inter alia include rising
    mains, pump stations, Water Treatment Works and storage facilities. The scheme is intended to
    service the current population of 14728 which is projected to increase to 19837 by year 2034.

    Oversight visits to projects such as Mkhondo cemetery and the market stalls in Mkhondo Local
    Municipality were also conducted by GSDM.

    On Wednesday 29 August 2018, the community of Saul Mkhizeville gathered at the community
    hall to observe the proceedings of the Council sitting which was dedicated to the late Saul
    Mkhize. This was done in order to give the public, especially those in rural areas, first-hand
    experience on what Council sittings are about.

    These activities are a commitment to the #Thuma Mina campaign launched by the State
    President during the SONA 2018.THE



Monday, 17 September 2018

  • On the 11 th of July 2018, Gert Sibande District Municipality led by Executive Mayor Muzi Chirwa
    welcomed and hosted a delegation from Zimbabwe who were on a benchmarking exercise to South
    Africa which was focused on tourism trade promotion. On a request by the South African Department of
    Tourism, Gert Sibande District was to host and share best practices with the visitors from Zimbabwe.

    Zimbabwe was on a quest to study and learn from South Africa the practices of tourism development.
    Zimbabwe believes that South Africa is doing well in tourism development. Whereas this forms part of
    the implementation plans for the agreements South Africa has with Zimbabwe on issues of tourism, such
    an exercise contributes to the strengthening of regional integration with the South African Development
    Community (SADC) region.

    The first interaction with the visitors was held at Manzana famously known as Badplaas which was a
    specific request by the visitors. Both the District Executive Mayor Muzi Chirwa and Executive Mayor of
    Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality Cllr Dan Nkosi shared with the visitors why Gert Sibande District and the
    entire Mpumalanga Province is the best place to be. The leaders shared briefly the history of Gert
    Sibande and Chief Albert Luthuli including the fact that both institutions are named after the struggle
    heroes Richard Gert Sibande and Chief Albert Luthuli. They also shared about the tourism attraction
    areas and routes including the nearby Barberton Makhonjwa Mountain which was recently inscribed as
    the first World Heritage Site in the Mpumalanga and the 10 th SA World Heritage Site.

    “Mpumalanga province is a tourism destination. We must promote tourism as a sustainable business.
    We must continue to promote, support and champion the issue of economic empowerment through
    tourism using available resources” said Executive Mayor Chirwa. “Gert Sibande as a district has been
    visited by other countries such as Russia with a similar objective on issues of tourism. We are very
    excited to have hosted you today” said Chirwa.
    Dr Enivah Mutsau of the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Zimbabwe indicated that they
    were in South Africa on recommendation by parliament that they study and learn how South Africa has
    been able to excel in its tourism sector. “We believe South Africa is doing very well in this particular area
    and we believe that the knowledge received will go a long way to the establishment of universal
    accessible tourism facilities in Zimbabwe. Mr Shavhani Mukwevho of the South African Department of
    Tourism expressed his gratitude to Gert Sibande for opening its arms to the guests.

    The following day was dedicated to a number of information sharing, presentations and activities
    prepared by Gert Sibande and the National Tourism Department focussed on universal accessibility,
    safety and awareness strategy, and sustainable tourism in line with the request by the visitors from

    The District Whip of Council mesmerised the guests with his thanking remarks featuring a few words in
    Shona which is a language used in Zimbabwe. The gathering was attended by many other stakeholders
    locally and beyond.

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